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Monday / June 24.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Accelerate Removal and Disposition of RV Encampments

With a citywide increase in RV encampments, I spearheaded the effort in my district in collaboration with West Valley Homes Yes to accelerate removal and disposition of RV encampments and placing individuals into housing. This initiative was adopted by the City Council as the model of how we lead this work citywide, not by simply relocating the problems to other neighborhoods. Our most recent operation in Pacoima, near Desmond St. and Bradley Ave., resulted in 7 vehicles being disposed of and 7 individuals finding housing.

This demonstrates the continued success of my program that provides crucial services to those seeking housing while addressing the challenge of RV dwellings and the problems associated with them. Since commencing this work in my district, we have placed 83 individuals into housing and disposed of 46 recreational vehicles, with 11 more awaiting disposition.

It is important to report vehicle dwellings like these to any of our district offices or emailing details to so we can begin the work of aiding individuals with resources and working to remove these encampments to make our communities cleaner and safer for everyone.

#CD7RVPilot #HousingForAll #TeamMRod #SanFernandoValley

Accelerate Removal and Disposition of RV Encampments

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