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Friday / June 21.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – πŸŽ“ Honoring the Legacy of John Brooks Slaughter

πŸŽ“ Honoring the Legacy of John Brooks Slaughter πŸŽ“

Dr. John Brooks Slaughter’s presidency at Occidental College left an indelible mark on education, diversity, and excellence. From his inauguration in 1989, Slaughter championed the belief that “Quality and equality are inseparable, and diversity is synonymous with what is best in America.”
His legacy is a reflection of his remarkable journey that began in Topeka, Kansas, and included roles at General Dynamics Astronautics, the National Science Foundation, and the University of Maryland, College Park. His influence extended beyond Occidental, as seen in his dedication to diversity and leadership education at USC and his role as president and CEO of the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering.

I was a proud product of the environment Dr. Slaughter championed at Occidental College. My deepest condolences to his familyβ€”may his memory continue to inspire generations to come. πŸ•ŠThe Occidental College flag will fly at half-staff from December 11-15 in honor of Dr. John Brooks Slaughter.

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Honoring the Legacy of John Brooks Slaughter

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