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Saturday / September 30.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Resurfaced or Repaired Deteriorated Streets across the Seventh Council District

Since taking office, I have prioritized investment in neighborhood infrastructure improvements like pedestrian crosswalk upgrades and repairing damaged streets.

Working with the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services, we have resurfaced or repaired severely deteriorated streets across the Seventh Council District.

Near San Jose St. Elementary School, additional safety improvements were made to prioritize and resurface portions of Saloma Ave., Clymer St., Kester Ave., and San Jose St. because keeping our community safe is essential. The sections repaired were uneven, had cracks in the asphalt, and were a danger to parents and students accessing the city streets.

For more information on these improvements and upcoming projects in the district, please visit the Street LA website at and select ‘Road Repair.’

Resurfaced or Repaired Deteriorated StreetsResurfaced or Repaired Deteriorated Streets

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