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Sunday / May 19.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – We Celebrate the Completion of the Eco-Forward Lopez Canyon Trailhead

We held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the completion of the eco-forward Lopez Canyon Trailhead.

My team and I worked in partnership with LASAN, Public Works, and residents, to develop a plan and reimagine buffer lands surrounding the Lopez Canyon Landfill into open space for public use.
The Lopez Canyon project features 1.5 miles of hiking and equestrian trails, water fountains, horse waterers, a designated horse trailer parking lot, dog waste stations, ADA picnic tables, ADA parking, and a bioswale.

The unveiling ceremony included a tour of the stormwater bioswale system. This bioswale feature is designed to collect most of the runoff from the parking lot and picnic area and to help reduce runoff pollution going to oceans while recharging the groundwater.

Additionally, the trail features drought-tolerant native vegetation landscaping and new mile markers and signage.

Eco-Forward Lopez Canyon Trailhead

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