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Monday / June 24.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Statement on the Passing of Gloria Molina

There was no better example of a dedicated public servant than Gloria Molina, who was unapologetic in her fight to make government work and hold people accountable. A Latina that overcame the obstacles institutions and those in power too often put in her way.

Sadly poetic that her passing fell on Mother’s Day, as a matriarch and example of courageous female leadership, she didn’t “go along to get along,” she was both revered and detested for putting the people’s interests before politics. A pioneer for equity and representation, before that conversation became en vogue. She recognized Latino voices and experiences were being ignored and made it uncomfortable for those that sought to silence the community.

She was a woman that accomplished many firsts, but her resilience in doing so made it possible to ensure that she wasn’t the last.

Rest in power to la mera mera of chingonas, Gloria Molina.

Statement on the Passing of Gloria MolinaStatement on the Passing of Gloria Molina

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