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Friday / June 21.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Highlights of the Policy Initiatives I’m Leading

Here are a few highlights of the policy initiatives I’m leading to create a more responsive and efficient government that addresses community concerns:

1. The Housing & Homelessness Committee approved my motion that seeks to expand our successful Council District 7 RV Pilot Program citywide. The expansion of this program will work to find opportunities that will align with the Homelessness Emergency Order to increase resources that will lead to housing and RV disposal solutions.

2. Oro Vista Avenue, in Sunland, was built as an Arizona style crossing–a low-water culvert crossing where a road dips across a normally dry creek bed or drainage area. However, it has become more prone to severe flooding during the wet weather season. I introduced a motion to find these necessary solutions as Oro Vista Avenue serves as the sole paved access connecting the residents of the Riverwood Ranch community to the Sunland-Tujunga area.

3. The City Council adopted my motion seeking the expansion of translation services for City Council and Committee meetings. Participation in local government is paramount to any successful democracy. LA is a diverse City and as such we should strive to capture the perspectives of all of our communities and make sure that these voices are heard accurately.

Highlights of the Policy Initiatives I’m LeadingHighlights of the Policy Initiatives I’m LeadingHighlights of the Policy Initiatives I’m Leading

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