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Monday / June 24.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Deputy Chief Graham Everett: Thank You for Your Decades of Service

Deputy Chief Graham Everett: thank you for your decades of service to the City of Los Angeles.

As a firefighter’s daughter, I’ve tried to make sure that the Los Angeles Fire Department reflects the best of who we are. Deputy Chief Everett, who himself comes from a family of firefighters, was an important partner in that endeavor—particularly in my role as Chair of the City’s Public Safety Committee.

Known for leading with great integrity, I’m wishing him the very best in his retirement.

Deputy Chief Graham Everett

01-27-2023, Councilmember Monica Rodriguez recognizes Graham J. Everett, Los Angeles Fire Department officer who is retiring from the City of Los Angeles.
L-R: Kristin Crowley, CW Eunisses Hernandez
Los Angeles City Council Meeting in Los Angeles City Hall, John Ferraro Council Chamber.

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