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Sunday / May 19.

From Congressman Adam Schiff’s Desk – Push Congress to Take Up my Legislation to Cease all U.S. Assistance to Azerbaijan

Congressman Adam Schiff

Azerbaijan has illegally detained more than 100 Armenian prisoners of war and captured civilians since first attacking Armenia and Artsakh in 2020.

Over the past two years, there have been reports that these prisoners have suffered torture and abuse at hands of their captors. And this latest video of POWs being executed in cold blood, in what appears to be the aftermath of the September 13th attacks, shows that Azerbaijan will only continue to escalate its acts of violence and brutality – because it has yet to face any repercussions for its illegal actions.

These are war crimes by Azerbaijan. And the U.S. must lead the way in condemning them, and demanding they be held to account.

I will continue to push Congress to take up my legislation to cease all U.S. assistance to Azerbaijan – which should never have been authorized in the first place – and Congresswoman Jackie Speier‘s legislation to investigate the Aliyev regime’s many war crimes and other violations of international law. And we continue to demand that all Armenian prisoners of war and captured civilians be safely returned. They and their loved ones are in my prayers.

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