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Monday / June 24.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Operation Bright S.P.O.T., A Program I Developed and Funded to Supplement City Services

Operation Bright S.P.O.T., a program I developed and funded to supplement city services, was back at it again! They were out at several locations, including Sunland-Tujunga and Pacoima, removing old tree stumps. These before and afters show the difference that our efforts are making, and I hope you enjoy seeing the results as much as I do.

If you have a location in mind that may benefit from Operation Bright S.P.O.T. because urgent assistance is required, the area is hard to access, or the request has gone unaddressed for a significant period of time, please call my Pacoima office at (818) 485-0600, Sylmar office at (818) 756-8409, or Sunland-Tujunga office at (818) 352-3287.

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Developed and Funded to Supplement City ServicesDeveloped and Funded to Supplement City Services

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