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Sunday / December 4.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – “Cool LA” Initiative, LADWP Announced it is TRIPLING the Rebates for Room Air Conditioners

In case you missed it: through its new “Cool LA” Initiative, LADWP announced it is TRIPLING the rebates it offers for room air conditioners (from $75 to $225) for income-eligible customers.

Income-eligible customers are those who currently participate in one of the following programs: EZ-SAVE Program, Senior Citizen/Disability Lifeline Program, Physician Certified Allowance Discount, and Life-Support Equipment. This rebate is only available on the purchase of *up to 2* room air conditioners. All other LADWP customers remain eligible for a $75 rebate for room air conditioners.

In addition, through the “Cool LA” initiative, LADWP announced a new billing program that will allow ALL customers to pay a monthly recurring amount, based on their past usage and costs, to help them budget better during the summer months.

To take advantage of either of these opportunities, please visit

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