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Sunday / December 10.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Introduced a Motion Related to Improving City Services Access for Youth

Introduced a Motion Related to Improving City Services Access for Youth

I recently introduced a motion related to improving city services access for youth. The motion calls on the Youth Development Department (YDD), with assistance from the Information Technology Agency (ITA) and other relevant departments, to create a single user interface program that creates universal access to youth-related city services and programs.
Currently, there is no singular system that connects youth services citywide. This would allow for the city departments to better coordinate and streamline access to youth programming and services. This effort builds off of the central mission and work I led in the creation of the YDD in 2021.

By streamlining and simplifying access to programs with an ”All Access Youth Pass” we will be providing crucial services that will better connect the more than 800,000 young people in the city, who lack the bandwidth to navigate the labyrinth of city bureaucracy and departments that offer programs for youth. Leading reforms on outdated systems and practices to make city services more accessible and responsive to all residents has been a guiding light of my work as your representative. I will continue to deliver on these long-desired reforms and innovations to make sure no one in our communities is left behind.

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