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Thursday / February 25.
HomeCommunityFrom Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Sharing the 2020 Year-End Crime Data

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Sharing the 2020 Year-End Crime Data

This morning I am joining Mayor Eric Garcetti and Chief Moore to share the 2020 year-end crime data. While overall crime is down in our City, homicides, victims shot, grand theft auto and assaults were up, a trend paralleled in cities across the nation.
At a time when our City is facing the most dire financial situation it has ever seen, we need innovative and bold solutions in achieving our shared public safety goals. Data-driven approaches must be used to address the root causes of these spikes and implement solutions that directly address these causes.
Diverting roles and responsibilities that have been placed on LAPD to better suited professionals in areas such as homelessness, mental health and youth development will give our officers increased capacity to do the roles they prepared for. While LAPD has made progress over the last twenty years working to implement reform it is paramount to ensure that these reforms are measured for success. We can always work to be better.
Community trust can be built with efforts such as the Community Safety Partnership. Youth development programs that provide access to a wide array of constructive activities and resources create a safer Los Angeles for all. Working together we must work toward an efficient and equitable investment in achieving our public safety goals. It is the centerpiece of the work I will be leading as Chair of the Public Safety Committee and something all Angelenos can work together to achieve.

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