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Sunday / July 21.

From Congressman Adam Schiff’s Desk – Honor to Accept the Advocate for Justice Award

It was a tremendous honor to accept the Advocate for Justice Award at the ANCA-WR’s 2022 Awards Gala, and to meet with Artsakh Foreign Minister David Babayan.
I share this award with the entire community, because there are no greater advocates for justice than the Armenian people.

This year has been a great trial for the Armenian people. Halfway around the world, they have been the victims of an unprovoked war of aggression by two large and powerful states, Azerbaijan and Turkey. The people of Armenia and Artsakh have known terrible suffering, loss of homes, torture and loss of life. And the quest for justice, after the trauma of genocide over a century ago, begins anew, for there are new losses, in the midst of a new war of potential annihilation.

My heart breaks for those whose families and loved ones have been lost, for those who have been displaced, and for those who are living in fear every day of another attack.
This bloody war of aggression against Armenia and Artsakh must be stopped, once and for all. American aid to the murderous state of Azerbaijan must be stopped, once and for all, its aggression condemned without equivocation or hesitation. And there must be justice. Justice for the victims. And accountability for the perpetrators of rape, murder and mayhem. All must be held to account.

Today and every day, I stand proudly with the people of Armenia and Artsakh, and especially with my constituents in the Armenian community. Your strength and resilience have been one of a great inspiration throughout my time in public service. And I’m proud to fight for justice by your side.

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