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Wednesday / October 5.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Unveiled the “Pacoima Legacies” Mural at Hillery T. Broadous Elementary School

Unveiled the “Pacoima Legacies” Mural
Today we unveiled the “Pacoima Legacies” mural at Hillery T. Broadous Elementary School in Pacoima. The mural celebrates the efforts of Dr. Hillery T. Broadous, pastor and founder of Calvary Baptist Church in Pacoima. He, along with his wife Rosa, dedicated their lives to improving the quality of life in their community. They helped organize the San Fernando Valley branch of the NAACP as well as advocated for funding for what is now known as Hubert Humphrey Park. In honor of their contributions to the community, Fillmore Elementary school was renamed Hillery T. Broadous Elementary school.

The mural, designed and painted by local artists Juan Pablo Reyes, Erica Friend and Javier Lopez, brings together the full spectrum of our community.

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