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Tuesday / November 29.

From Assemblymember Luz Rivas Desk – Received $19 Million in State Beautification Funds from the Clean California Initiative

Great news AD-39!
Our district has received nearly $19 million in state beautification funds from the Clean California initiative to beautify and revitalize public spaces statewide!

These projects include:

✅ $6.8 million for Route 5/118 Interchange from Sepulveda to Glenoaks
✅ $5.5 million for Route 5 Sunvalley Paxton to Roscoe Blvd.
✅ $2.9 million for Route 170/101 Interchange
✅ $1.5 million for NW LA Corridor Safety Enhancements
✅ $1.3 million for North LA Corridors Safety Enhancements
✅ $755,000 for 210 Foothill Blvd. Safety Enhancements
You can always count on me to fight for our share of funding for projects like these in the San Fernando Valley and our AD 39 communities.

Received $19 Million in State Beautification Funds

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