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Monday / January 30.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Installation of Two New HAWK Beacons in Shadow Hills

HAWK Beacons in Shadow Hills

Check out the recent installation of two new HAWK beacons in Shadow Hills at the intersections of Wentworth St. and Wheatland Avenue, and Wentworth St. and Mary Bell Avenue. This project is part of my broader efforts to create safer streets in the 7th Council District for all users of the road. These crossings on Wentworth enable pedestrians and equestrians to safely cross this major corridor, where riders and their horses are often forced into close proximity with cars traveling at very high speeds, in order to access the trails at Hansen Dam.

These high-intensity activated crosswalk beacons, also known as HAWK beacons, consist of yellow and red overhead lights, essentially first slowing traffic and then functioning as a red stoplight, at which point the pedestrian or equestrian can safely cross Wentworth St. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about other upcoming traffic safety improvements along this Wentworth corridor, and elsewhere in the area, contact my Tujunga District Office at 818-352-3287.

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