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Tuesday / January 31.

From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Applying Slurry Seal to More than 80 Street Segments

Applying Slurry Seal to More than 80 Street Segments

My staff worked closely with the Bureau of Street Services to prioritize and apply slurry seal to more than 80 street segments throughout Pacoima. Applying slurry seal to asphalt that has been resurfaced in the past few years is a very cost-effective, one-day technique to help maintain the condition of the street, sealing any cracks and gaps that would otherwise allow water to infiltrate to the base and weaken the street, causing potholes and other failures. This maintenance process adds another 5-7 years to the life expectancy of the asphalt, significantly increasing the time until the street needs to be resurfaced again.

For additional information on upcoming slurry seal and resurfacing projects in the district, please visit the Streets LA website at and select ‘Road Repair’. If you have any questions on the slurry seal process or would like to recommend another street in the area in need of resurfacing, please contact my Pacoima District Office at (818) 485-0600 or Sylmar District Office at (818)756-8409.

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