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Monday / April 12.
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From Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Desk – Complete Your Census Today!

Did you know that each resident that completes the 2020 census brings approximately $1,950 in federal funding per person, per year? That’s $19,500 over a decade to your community for use in:
• Law enforcement, fire departments, and other emergency services
• Schools, school lunches, housing
• Healthcare and hospitals
• Public transit system and road repair
• Vital services for families, seniors, and children such as Medicaid, Head Start, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
• Block grants for community mental health services
Communities like ours have been historically undercounted — in the 2010 Census, neighborhoods in the Northeast San Fernando Valley scored among the highest in low census participation. In Los Angeles, only 53% of households have responded to the 2020 census. That means our city will lack sufficient resources for the next 10 years.
It is critical to make sure you and your family are counted. Complete your census today!

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