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Sunday / May 28.

Sunland-Tujunga Volunteers Help LAPD Officers Nab 11 Speeders!

On July 1, four LAPD volunteers/S-T residents deployed to locations in Tujunga and Shadow Hills. Volunteers used LIDAR (laser) guns to track vehicle speed and cameras to record plates. Five police officers in pursuit cars or motorcycle led the project.
Eleven speeders were ticketed, warned, or will receive notices that LAPD has recorded their excess speed. Every few minutes, officers and volunteers received thumbs ups and thank-you’s from residents—although not from speeders.
Officers helped a lady with a disabled SUV out of lanes on high-speed Sunland Blvd. One speeder presented a suspicious registration that may receive DMV legal action.
LAPD volunteers and officers will continue laser-gun speed-tracking sorties at random dates, hours and locations.
We must ALL emphatically discourage speeding every chance we get! Speed is THE major factor in Foothill suffering the highest number of traffic deaths among all LAPD divisions. The life you save….
Very best! | Jon von Gunten | STNC Rep to LAPD Neighborhood Watch | STNC Safe Traffic and Transportation Committee.

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