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Saturday / April 17.
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From the office of Mayor Garcetti – SMALL BUSINESSES RECOVERY

June 1, 2020 – From the office of Mayor Garcetti:

SMALL BUSINESSES RECOVERY: Small businesses were hurting from COVID-19 long before any of the recent looting and vandalism … and employees at these businesses were counting on conditions improving. Here is what we are doing:
The Department of Building and Safety is conducting safety assessments of buildings — free of charge — to anyone who requests one.
No permits will be required for minor repairs. Buildings with fire damage will need a permit when making more extensive repairs, and DBS will ensure plans are assigned to a plan checker the day they’re submitted and given priority processing.
Waiving the certified Construction and Demolition hauler requirement so businesses don’t have to pay to have the debris removed.
Sanitation will be providing free roll-off and dumpster services to help clear out debris quickly.
Proposing to the City Council additional financial assistance so businesses can rebuild and bring employees back.

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